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Body Care

Commercial body care products now contain many synthetic and allergenic materials. The Soap Farm offers an alternative, our body care products contain pure essential oils, natural oils and/or vitamins. The Soap Farm body care products were developed because of needs of family, friends and customers. You will find our body care products simple, effective and affordable.

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 Click for full description of Aches and Pains Relief Cream - 2 oz   Aches and Pains Relief Cream - 2 oz   $8.99 
Aches and Pains Relief Cream - a new name for our "Sore Muscle Cream" as it has been reformulated to include Glucosamine sulphate.  Research has shown that a combination of MSM and Glucosamine creates a synergistic effect that produces better results than using either ingredient on its own.  Menthol crystals and MSM are the magic ingredients in this made-from-scratch cream.  Aches & Pains Relief Cream is ideal for use after strenuous  (more... ) 
 Click for full description of Dream Pillow   Dream Pillow   $8.99 
The Dream Pillow is a 6" square made to slip inside your regular pillow case and is filled with herbs that have been used by traditionalists for centuries to help bring slumber.  The pillow is filled with flax seeds, French Lavender buds, hops and rose petals.  I also sprinkle the herbs with a mixture of essential oils:  sweet orange, lavender, and cedarwood.  If returned  (more... ) 
 Click for full description of EMU and MSM Cream - 2 oz   EMU and MSM Cream - 2 oz   $12.95 
EMU and MSM Cream – this is a "try me" size.  As every body is different and responds in its own way to healing products, you may wish to use this smaller size before investing in the larger 4 ounce jar.  A lovely cream in its own right, this recipe has been used as a non-prescription pain reliever as well. Made from scratch in my shop with coconut, emu and other oils, this cream sinks right into the skin with no greasy after-feel. The good things that MSM and  (more... ) 
 Click for full description of Herbal Eye Pillows   Herbal Eye Pillows   $13.95 
Herbal Eye Pillows - fabric eye pillows provide a welcome retreat from the pressures of modern life.  They provide total darkness and a gentle pressure that is quite relaxing.  The weight of the flaxseed filling provides just the right amount of pressure on your eyelids, giving a soothing and revitalizing comfort.  Eye pillows quieten the muscles around the eyes and this helps  (more... ) 
 Click for full description of Neck Cooler   Neck Cooler   $7.99 
Neck Cooler - is a fabric tube approximately 40" long and 2" wide, filled with water-absorbing crystals.  The Neck Cooler provides relief from those hot summer days.  The scarf is submerged in water for about 20 minutes and is ready to wear.  There is no need to use chilled water as it is the evaporation action that provides the cooling sensation.  The crystals can  (more... ) 
 Click for full description of R and R zzz Sleep Aid Mist   R and R zzz Sleep Aid Mist   $11.00 
R and R zzz Sleep Aid Mist - like most of us, you could probably use some help in getting to sleep.  I have chosen a selection of essential oils and one fragrance oil to make a potion that should assist in quieting your mind so the sand man can complete his nightly task.  About half an hour before retiring, I spritz the pillowcase quite heavily back and forth. This allows the water time  (more... ) 
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 
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