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Tart Melts

by S. Christopherson

So, what is a tart melt?  You've seen the name mentioned before but didn't know who to ask about it.  Here is the information you wanted.

A tart melt is known variously as a wax melt, wax potpourri, a candle tart, or a wax tart.  It is basically a scented wax piece that comes in a variety of scents and shapes.  It is melted in a tart burner but the wax doesn't burn away as there is no wick.  The wax is tossed out when there is no more scent detected or when you want to try a new scent.

Wax chips can be placed in mesh or a muslin bag and nestled in a lingerie drawer or a linen closet, as scented sachets.

Wax melts are great In situations where an open flame is discouraged such a nursing homes or homes where there are children and pets.  Electric tart melters are popular as are tart burners that have a small bowl on top of a tealight.  The latter can be made from pottery, glass or pewter.  They are a great way to try out a scent before commiting to a larger votive or candle.

The Soap Farm tart melts are made from pure soy as are our soy candles.  This means the wax is easy to remove from the tart melter when a change of scent is wanted.  Simply wash the burner bowl with soap and water, no scubbing required.

This article was published on Sunday 01 June, 2008.
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